Chimney / Fireplace cleaning

Chimney / Fireplace Cleaning

Do you want to enjoy the warmth of your fireplace and make sure that you are being protected against fires? When wood is burned, it will leave over time a black and sticky residue buildup called creosote; it is highly flammable and is a dangerous source of chimney fires.

The degree of buildup is dependant on 4 factors: the type of wood being burned, the moisture content in the wood, the amount of wood used and how hot you build the fire. It is a good idea to have the unit inspected after every cord of wood is used.

At Raintech Home Services, we provide professional cleaning services for all types of chimneys and fireplaces. Our technician will provide you with a quick inspection for creosote buildup or chimney damage and offer you personalized service and information based on your situation.

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Why Choose Raintech Home Services for a Chimney Sweep

With over 30 years of experience, we will provide you with the most upstanding, reliable and professional cleaning service in Calgary and surrounding area. We offer a flat rate fee depending on the type of unit that you have; ie. fireplace, woodstove, or woodstove insert. We ensure there are no hidden fees or extra charges. On occasion a damper or other part will require repair, those instances will be discussed and quoted before proceeding. We offer a quick turn around time for appointments with a fast, easy and convenient booking service where you are given an exact appointment time.

We will maintain a clean environment, taking pride in leaving your home in the same condition as before we arrived. We make sure that the soot is controlled and contained by using a vacuum. A large moving blanket is also used to capture any errant soot, protecting your floors and carpets.

   Highly Qualified and Upstanding Service
   Quick Turnaround Time for Appointments
   Easy and Reliable Booking
   Flat Rate Fees
   Quick Inspections
   Personalized Service and Education for Each Individual Unit
   Pride in Cleanliness

What to Expect From Raintech Home Services Chimney Cleaning

From start to finish, we want you to be aware of what we will be doing in your home, especially when it comes to important services such as chimney/fireplace cleaning. We remove our footwear, as cleanliness is our main focus. The chimney will be inspected with a flashlight first to determine if cleaning will be required. A large movers’ blanket is placed around the base of the fireplace and a vacuum is brought in and setup. Most of the time we go on the roof and sweep down to the closed damper, then go inside and gently open the damper to let the soot fall into the fireplace, while being contained by the vacuum.

Please be aware there are times when it is impossible to sweep from the roof. In that case our technician has tools that clean the chimney from the fireplace opening. Some wood stoves require that the pipe on the inside of the house be removed and cleaned. That pipe is cleaned on a drop cloth as a vacuum is used to keep the soot under control. At the end of the service, you will be informed that we are done. We pack our equipment and, on our way we go, leaving your home safe from chimney fires.

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